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January 21, 2020
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by John Downer

How do good Property Managers add value to the buildings where you work, where your employees spend the majority of their day, where you have made significant ownership investment? Good Property Management execution is crucial to the health and safety of your building, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here at SRSA Gulf South Management, our team of engineers, managers and office staff work to ensure our client's buildings run smoothly, safely and responsibly so that we may proactively prevent problems, and also quickly address issues that develop unexpectedly.

When an emergency situation arises, we take action immediately to prevent damage and ensure the safety of all occupants. Two recent emergency events serve as great examples:

The situation: On Christmas Eve one of our Roving Building Engineers was performing a routine walk-through at a property when he found water gushing from a hose bib – a water leak. All tenants were gone for the holiday, so no person was there to report the leak. The engineer was able to quickly locate the valve shut-off to this bib and stopped the water flow. If not for the scheduled walk-through, the leak could have gone undetected through the Christmas holiday, incurring a high water bill expense, potential damage to the building and a slip-hazard to passersby.

The value added: by following our disciplined standard of Property Management Services and Practices, our Engineer identified a problem and quickly resolved it resulting in cost savings and prevention of property damage.

The situation: Another event occurred on Christmas day at an Urgent Care that was open for business. An electrical outlet was malfunctioning and showing signs of shorting out. Unsure of what had caused the damage, the tenant contacted us through our emergency answering service early in the evening. Understandably worried about potential fire and electrical hazards for their staff and customers, the tenant closed the clinic. We immediately contacted one of our preferred electrical vendors, who was able to provide consultation and explain it was safe to re-open the clinic – the outlet would simply need to be changed. Unfortunately, the electrician would not be able to repair it until the following day, as his company would still be closed, so we contacted another one of the many electrical vendors with whom we maintain relationships. The outlet was replaced first thing the following morning.

The value added: we were able to leverage our deep bench of vendors to help our client stay open and see patients with minimal delay while ensuring a safe environment.

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