Rebecca Long

GIS, Marketing and Research Specialist
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A little about me...

Rebecca Callaway Long is a GIS, Marketing, & Research Specialist, contributing her expertise to various facets of the commercial real estate landscape. Since joining the team in June 2021, Rebecca has played a pivotal role in shaping the company's GIS capabilities, marketing strategies, and research endeavors.

Rebecca holds a bachelor's degree in Biological Science with a minor in Business Administration from the University of New Orleans, showcasing her diverse educational background. Her journey into GIS mapping began during her biological science research, where she focused on studying manatees in Lake Pontchartrain. This early exposure to data work and attention to detail became instrumental when she transitioned her scientific skills into commercial real estate.

In her role, Rebecca excels in developing, collecting, and maintaining geographic mapping layers to create custom maps using ESRI's ArcGIS & Business Analyst. She also manages the company's databases through thorough research and analytics. Furthermore, Rebecca collaborates with all company sectors, utilizing her graphic design skills to craft physical and digital marketing materials.

As an active participant in X-Team's Marketing & GIS Group, Rebecca fosters an environment of knowledge exchange and best practices with other teams. Her commitment to continuous learning and improvement reflects her dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Rebecca brings a dynamic and adventurous spirit to her personal life. As a former D1 college athlete specializing in cross country and track, she continues her passion for running by participating in longer-distance events such as marathons and half-marathons. Additionally, Rebecca is a certified scuba diver, exploring new underwater landscapes whenever the opportunity arises.

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