Raven Anderson Office Manager

Raven Anderson-headshot

Raven joined the SRSA team in April, 2017. She was hired as an Office Manager and Human Resources Assistant to Tara Walthers.

Raven’s many duties include serving as a receptionist, meeting coordinator, as well as maintaining and overseeing day to day operations in the office. She provides administrative support including annual license renewals, and RISC insurance for all agents. Raven handles all policy development and documentation. She maintains accuracy of records pertaining to all listings and audits the commercial real estate vendor invoices. Raven also functions as an in-house IT contact.

As a human resources assistant, Raven ensures SRSA complies with all current HR laws. She is in charge of new employee onboarding, and orientation. Finally, she oversees benefits and 401k administration for all staff, promotes employee relations, and charitable giving.

Raven comes to SRSA from a top 200 ranking company in the Fortune 500 Company list. She has over 19 years of customer service and administrative support experience.