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Melissa Zelaya, a dedicated Accounts Manager professional, joined SRSA in October 2011, bringing her a wealth of expertise in handling various accounting responsibilities.

In her role, Melissa meticulously manages all facets related to new and existing vendors, including researching unpaid invoices, verifying liability insurance, and addressing end-of-year tax notices. Her invaluable support extends to assisting SRSA property managers with statements, collections, budgets, rent increases, and other tasks crucial to the properties under SRSA's management. Additionally, Melissa ensures the timely renewal of licenses, dues, and certificates necessary for the properties.

Before her tenure at SRSA, Melissa was a stay-at-home mom, prioritizing her availability for her children. Her commitment to excellence and attention to detail make her an integral part of the SRSA team, contributing to the smooth and efficient functioning of the company's financial operations.

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