Marianna Pergola

Marketing Coordinator
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A little about me...

Marianna Pergola serves as the Marketing Coordinator at SRSA, playing a pivotal role in shaping the company's brand identity and fostering growth through innovative marketing strategies. Since joining SRSA in early 2022, Marianna has been instrumental in overseeing comprehensive marketing efforts, spanning digital, print, and events.

Collaborating seamlessly with every sector of the company, Marianna produces department-specific and client-specific materials, showcasing her proficiency in video production, photography, writing, and graphic design. Leveraging her expertise with the Matterport camera and tools, she creates immersive virtual tour assets for SRSA, enhancing the company's digital presence. As a marketing trendsetter, Marianna continuously adopts new tools and crafts innovative content that evolves the SRSA brand.

A 2017 graduate of LSU with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication and a concentration in Journalism, Marianna also holds a minor in Business Administration. Her educational foundation has been an asset for her success in the dynamic field of marketing.

Prior to her role at SRSA, Marianna served as a Digital Content Producer in the marketing department for the largest Louisiana developer and manager of multifamily communities. She played a pivotal role in creating the Digital Content Producer role after serving as their Digital & Social Media Intern in 2017. Marianna's diverse experience in video production, photography, writing, graphic design, and marketing has positioned her as a versatile and skilled marketing professional.

Beyond her professional commitments, Marianna volunteers with various organizations, including ArcGNO, the American Red Cross, and Catholic Charities of Acadiana, highlighting her desire to make a positive impact on the New Orleans and Louisiana communities.

In addition to her professional and community engagements, Marianna finds joy in watching and playing sports with friends. Her love for travel and trying new foods aligns with her adventurous spirit, and she enjoys meeting new friends along the way. Learning new crafts and cooking dishes are among her favorite pastimes, reflecting her creative and exploratory nature.

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