Carl Howat, Sr., SMA

Director of Construction Management | Licensed Contractor
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A little about me...

Carl Howat Sr. SMA is the Director of Construction Management for Gulf South Commercial Construction, a distinguished subsidiary of SRSA Commercial Real Estate. With extensive expertise in construction management, Carl plays a pivotal role in assisting companies with cost reduction strategies, devising innovative solutions for technical challenges, and expertly managing job scheduling and budgeting within the SRSA Gulf South Commercial Construction portfolio.

In 2000, Carl earned his associate degrees in both stationary engineering and refrigeration from Delgado College in New Orleans, laying a solid foundation for his distinguished career in the construction industry. Prior to joining SRSA, Carl's professional journey included consulting for numerous construction projects across metro New Orleans, with a focus on tenant improvements. From 1997 to 1998, he served as the Operations Manager for the Oakwood Shopping Center—a major Rouse company regional mall. Carl played a key role in daily administration, development, engineering, and maintenance while Operations Manager. His responsibilities extended to assisting merchants with their build-out needs, budgeting, construction bidding and tracking, purchasing, and hiring operational staff.

Carl also held the position of Commercial Property Management Division Chief Engineer for Latter & Blum, Inc., where he supervised the operation of the company's mixed-use portfolio. This included overseeing repairs, electrical and mechanical upgrades, and overall maintenance of a 500,000 square foot facility. He achieved success as a Project Coordinator and Director of Facilities for Harrah's and River City Casinos, along with serving as the Director of Engineering for John Kushner & Associates.

Recognized for his commitment to excellence, Carl earned the Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA) designation through the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA). Additionally, he holds a Louisiana state license as a commercial general contractor, further validating his expertise in the field.

Among his notable achievements, Carl led the successful rebuilding of a warehouse demolished by a tornado in 2019 and oversaw various impactful projects such as the lobby remodel for Northpark Residence Inn, the installation of sidewalk and street crossings in Northpark, and the remodel of a tenant space in Northpark Village One for Sucre Candy and Gelato Store. Currently, he is in the process of overseeing the remodeling of the old McAlister restaurant into a new tenant, "The Toasted Yolk," in Northpark Village One. Carl Howat Sr.'s contributions and leadership continue to be instrumental in the success of SRSA Gulf South Commercial Construction.

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