Storm Preparation Checklist

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June 3, 2020
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The SRSA Property Engineer's Storm Preparation Checklist is continually updated based on experience and best practices. The following are the primary preparation checklist items for every major storm:

  • Lift up items of value in ground floor storage areas that may get wet if flooding occurs.
  • In areas that have known leaks, or where roofs have not been repaired prior to the storm, relocate critical equipment if able, or cover with visqueen.
  • Have plywood of 1/4 to 3/8-inch thickness, studs and fasteners available on site in the event of glass breakage after the storm. Three to five pieces of full plywood (4’x8’) should be adequate.
  • Clear debris from around dumpster enclosures. Have dumpster emptied before storm, if possible, or secure lid to full dumpster, if possible.
  • Turn off motors that could single-phase if power fluctuates during or after a storm.
  • Glass Vendors: Name and Number
  • Tree surgeons: Name and Number
  • Update Tenant Call Lists for Rapidcast emergency communications.
  • Update Office Employee Call List for Rapidcast emergency communications.
  • If construction dumpster is in place, have the contractor pull it or cover it securely.
  • Check and secure all wood fences, including those around dumpsters and emergency generators.
  • Retail businesses – boarding windows. Provide instructions to Tenants.
  • Remove flags, banners and pennants where possible.
  • Remove/secure any objects that could become airborne, i.e. lawn furniture or ground items.
  • Check pylon signs. Make sure panels are secure.
  • Make sure deadbolts work to main entrance doors. Ensure chains / padlocks are ready.
  • Make sure A/C panels, antennas and other roof equipment are secure.
  • Clear roof debris such as discarded A/C parts, roofing cement buckets.
  • Have emergency generators topped off with fuel.
  • Make a plan for how tenants will access the building after the storm.
  • Have vendor phone numbers available for debris removal.
  • Have extra batteries / charger ready for cell phones.
  • Stock up on batteries for flashlights.
  • Clear roof, parking lot and storm drains of debris. Roofs with low or no parapet walls should not be accessed during high winds or wet conditions.
  • Turn off automatic landscaping sprinklers and fountains.
  • For properties with elevators, raise the elevators high enough such that cables are not sitting in any water that may seep into elevator pit. (Includes steel and communications cables.)
  • Plan to use traffic cones to delineate damaged areas, landscape, etc. after the storm.

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