Post-Hurricane Ida Update

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September 6, 2021
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On behalf of SRSA Commercial Real Estate and SRSA Gulf South Management, we hope that our friends, clients and their families are all safe and secure following Hurricane Ida. Many areas in New Orleans sustained significant property damage and many areas of the city are still in the dark without power, but SRSA is here on the ground to assist you with your property needs. We have numerous brokers, property managers and building engineers in the city bringing our properties back online as they get repaired and re-energized.
SRSA Commercial Real Estate is open for business and ready to handle any of your leasing or real estate brokerage needs.
SRSA Gulf South Management is open for business and ready to handle any of your other property management needs.
While our main office in Metairie is temporarily closed until we get electricity back (hopefully in the next few days), our office in the CBD, in Covington at Northpark, and in Lafayette all have power and are fully functional. Fortunately, all of our employees are set up to work remotely and we are in regular contact with our entire SRSA team, who are working and ready to assist you.
To ensure ongoing service to our clients, the best way to contact us is via email or on our individual cell phones. If you are an existing property management client of SRSA or a tenant in an SRSA building, you should be receiving rapid cast text messages with regular updates on your property’s condition and availability.
If you have any other real estate needs, whether you are an existing client or not, please contact us at any of the numbers/emails listed below:
Barry Spizer​​​​​
(504) 388-4883
Steve Reisig​​​​
(504) 232-7909
Kirsten Early​​​​
(504) 616-8982
Mike Hilferty
​(504) 416-8682
General (Raven)​​​m
(504) 214-0608
We are on the ground throughout all of the New Orleans area and our agents and property management team are in the field assessing property conditions. We are grateful to all of our employees who make it possible to move forward with such strength and resiliency in responding at a challenging time like this. Please stay safe and reach out to us, if we can help you with any of your Hurricane Ida related property needs.

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